Cocaine Abuse & Addiction Treatment Center & Hospital in Chandler, AZ

Cocaine, also called “coke” or “blow,” is a highly addictive stimulant. Coke, when snorted or smoked, produces nearly instantaneous effects as it quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier. Users of cocaine describe the intoxication as providing an increased sense of alertness and an extremely elevated mood. With repeated use, this drug can quickly cause a person to become dependent upon it and suffer from negative side effects if the drug use is stopped or drastically cut back. However, with proper therapeutic interventions, most people who are addicted to cocaine are able to overcome their addiction and learn to lead a happy, fulfilled life.

At our hospital for cocaine addiction, we have helped over countless adults and adolescents learn the skills needed to recover from emotional, behavioral, and chemical dependency problems. We provide a safe, secure inpatient environment for our clients to become stable during times of crisis so that they are able to move forward in their recovery and a residential treatment center for adolescents who are struggling with behavioral or chemical dependency concerns. Through a wide variety of therapeutic techniques, we help our clients learn the skills needed to overcome life’s challenges and develop the coping skills needed to create the future they want.

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How to Help a Loved One or Family Member Get Treatment

If you have a loved one struggling with an addiction to cocaine, your life may feel overwhelming and frightening. You may be afraid to approach the topic of his or her addiction, fearful that you will make matters worse. You may have found that your loved one has begun to steal from you to keep his or her habit going, furthering the growing rift between you. When he or she is high, the behaviors you see may range from giggling to angry rants, which can be terrifying. You know that your loved one needs help, but you may not know how to intervene. Here are some tips for guiding your loved one into treatment for cocaine addiction:

Learn: One of the best ways to become an advocate for someone is to learn all you can about addiction, about the specific drug that he or she is using, and the ways in which addiction is treated. Having this knowledge will help you understand how you can best help your loved one.

Support: Your loved one needs support, not judgment, so when you approach the topic of treatment, do so without anger or frustration. Assure your loved one that you will be behind him or her every step of the way and offer to tour treatment centers with him or her to alleviate any anxieties.

Progress, not perfection: Do not expect that your loved one will easily beat his or her addiction and never hit any roadblocks. It is normal for addicts to have setbacks so it is beneficial to prepare yourself for how you and your loved one will handle these challenges.

Why Get Treatment at Our Hospital in Chandler, AZ?

While cocaine can provide a euphoric high, it also can lead to significant problems in virtually every area of an addict’s life. Interpersonal relationships may become strained as the individual becomes more and more dependent upon the drug. Cocaine is also responsible for more visits to emergency departments than any other illicit drug as it can cause damage to the heart, brain, blood vessels, and lungs. The good news is that the earlier cocaine addiction is treated, the better the outcomes in all areas of an addict’s life can be.

Through decades of research into addiction recovery, it has been determined that inpatient treatment centers and residential treatment centers that use cognitive-behavioral therapy, in addition to other types of therapeutic interventions, are two of the best forms of treatment that help people successfully learn the skills needed to lead a sober life. Through treatment, clients are able to escape the stresses of their daily lives and focus upon what matters most – getting well.

Program Philosophy and Benefits

Our hospital for coke abuse is proud to offer both acute psychiatric care in Chandler, AZ, for individuals ages 11 and older, as well as a residential treatment center that serves the needs of adolescents between the ages of 11 and 17. We offer a safe and secure environment for our clients to stabilize during times of acute crisis so that they are able to move forward in their recovery. Our caring, compassionate treatment team strives to offer hope to clients suffering from chemical dependency in addition to other emotional or behavioral concerns. We believe that hope is the recognition that the future can be different and provides fuel for a client’s recovery. The staff at our hospital works closely with our clients to define his or her purpose outside of addiction and mental illness and develop aftercare plans that emphasize each client’s strengths, goals, and purpose. We aim to approach each client with optimism about their future and recovery, addressing each roadblock one at a time and using setbacks as opportunities for growth.

Types of Treatment Offered at Our Hospital for Cocaine Addiction

When our clients first come to us for help, they will undergo a thorough evaluation process that will allow our multidisciplinary treatment team to assess all of his or her needs. We offer several options for treatment in Chandler, AZ, depending upon the level of care our clients need. Through a number of empirically -validated therapeutic interventions, we are able to provide our clients the care they need to lead the lives they want.

If you feel that you are in crisis, or are having thoughts about hurting yourself or others, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Treatment approaches for our acute inpatient treatment center may include:

Medication: The treatment team will determine all decisions about medication usage in the inpatient setting with input from the patient or the patient’s parents. We will monitor all medications for effectiveness and make changes as needed.

Group therapy: As our inpatient treatment center is group-focused, there are a variety of groups held each day on a number of topics. We have found that by participating in these types of group sessions, our clients are able to learn from one another, aiding in the healing process.

Family therapy: While in our inpatient treatment center, our clients will have at least one family therapy session. During these sessions, our clients are able to work with their loved ones to discuss cocaine addiction, treatment, recovery, and ways in which loved ones can help during this process. In addition, every Monday evening, we offer educational sessions for family members in either of our treatment centers.

Treatment approaches for our residential treatment center may include:

Medication: While there are no medications available to treat cocaine addiction, many of our clients struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder in addition to their dependence on the substance. If medication is indicated in the treatment plan, usage, dosage, and therapeutic effectiveness will be monitored frequently and adjusted or discontinued as needed.

Daily school: Every child and adolescent in our residential treatment center will attend school Monday through Friday for three hours each day. Our school, Oasis Recovery School, is fully accredited and will provide individualized education plans for each student. Our aim is to ensure that each client maintains his or her current educational status, makes up lost credits, and works toward graduating on time.

Individual therapy: At least once every week, each client in our residential treatment center will work with a therapist to address any concerns, better understand addiction, and discuss the presenting symptoms of any co-occurring mental health disorders.

Family therapy: Our hospital for coke addiction provides family therapy sessions at least once every two weeks in order to allow clients and loved ones begin the process of repairing their relationships. We will cover any family concerns about addiction, discuss the disease itself, and work through ways that family members can help their loved one during recovery. In addition, we encourage family members to attend our educational sessions held each Monday night.

Group therapy: We have found that one of the best ways to treat addiction and co-occurring disorders is through group therapy. We hold multiple group sessions each day that include process groups, coping skills groups, goal-setting groups, and substance abuse groups.

As our hospital for cocaine abuse aims to heal the whole adolescent, we offer a number of experiential programs that are designed to help our clients in their recovery. These may include:

  • Art
  • Gym
  • Daily recreational activities
  • Talking circles
  • Bible study

Continuing Care and Levels of Treatment

As the time for discharge approaches, many of our clients feel anxious about transitioning to their next level of care or returning home, so we work hard with them and their loved ones to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible with the process. We will help each client find the most appropriate follow-up steps in his or her recovery journey and make referrals to outpatient providers who are able to meet each client’s continuing care needs. Our outpatient providers offer additional addiction, psychiatric, psychological support for our clients and their families to ensure that our clients remain successful in their recovery and in their continued sobriety.

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