Co-Occurring Programs

At Oasis Behavioral Health, we have the ability to treat children, adolescents, and adults who are struggling with both mental health disorders and substance abuse problems. Additionally, we can provide services for those who come to us facing the challenge of more than one mental health disorder. These co-occurring or co-morbid disorders can further complicate the lives of these individuals as well as the treatment process which is why we make sure to address all issues simultaneously.

When our clients first arrive at our treatment center they will undergo a comprehensive assessment, which will allow us to determine if multiple disorders are present or if an individual also has substance abuse problems. The result of the assessment will be used to create a treatment plan specifically for each client and will include immediate and ongoing treatment of all disorders. Treatment options for co-occurring disorders will include medication management and a wide variety of therapeutic techniques all designed to reach the overall goal of getting each patient back to their highest level of functioning.

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