Inpatient Treatment Program for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders in Chandler, AZ

The adult program at Oasis Behavioral Health is an inpatient treatment program that is designed to empower clients to take initiative in addressing their acute psychiatric problems. The program serves adults, ages 18 and older, who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis that requires a safe setting in which professional intervention and treatment can be provided.

The objective for the adult program in Chandler, AZ, is to guide our clients to a full recovery through evaluations, interventions, and intensive counseling services. Reaching a point of stabilization is also a primary objective, with the treatment team working alongside the patient and his or her support system in order to alleviate any debilitating psychiatric symptoms. With the client being the driving force, the treatment team consists of psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, behavioral health technicians, the pharmacist, and other professionals deemed necessary in order for successful and comprehensive treatment.

Medication assessment and management, as well as behavior management interventions are provided under the direction of the attending psychiatrist or designated licensed practitioner. Throughout the course of treatment, the client’s recovery is greatly encouraged by the staff who provide a positive and encouraging environment while also working to instill a sense of hope, purpose, and optimism within the client.

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