Children’s Recovery School Program for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders in Chandler, AZ

Oasis Recovery School (OARS) is located within our residential treatment center here in Chandler, AZ, and is for children ages 11-17. OARS is a regionally accredited school through Advanced Ed (formerly North Central Association) and is approved through the Arizona Department of Education, which is responsible for monitoring all of the educational programs of publicly funded Arizona schools. OARS provides transferable credits for all students in our residential program. Our teachers are state certified, highly qualified, and hold certifications in special education, which allows them to work with all students and address their individual education needs. Our program is individualized for each student based on his or her academic and cognitive needs, providing students with the ability to work at their own speed, without the pressures or constraints of a non-individualized program. This enables students to earn credits at their own pace, whether they are able to work faster or need a little extra time.

OARS provides special education services to students who have individual learning needs. We are able to serve clients who have disabilities such as specific learning disorders, speech and language impairment, hearing impairment, emotional disability, orthopedic impairment (based on the student’s needs and mobility), and mild intellectual disability. Services are provided in a self-contained classroom and are staffed with a 1:6 ratio, allowing students to receive the individual attention they need to be successful.

OARS graduates and promotes students from both high school and junior high school. Over the past two years, OARS has graduated over 20 high school students, promoted over 30 students to high school, and facilitated over 50 GED competency certifications.

OARS provides students with the opportunity to prepare for their GED, once they meet the requirements. Students work through a GED preparation curriculum until they are sufficiently prepared to pass the GED. Once they have successfully completed five practice exams, and are able to leave the facility, they are taken to the GED testing site for actual testing. This program has a high success rate with 75% of students passing on their first attempt and 100% passing by their second. Having a GED allows them to pursue continued education through community college, vocational programs, job training, or through the OARS GED to Diploma program. When students earn enough credits through the OARS program and GED competency and pass their AIMS testing, they may graduate from Oasis Recovery School with an accredited standard Arizona High School Diploma.

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