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Robert Webb, DBD

Director of Business Development

Robert Webb is the Director of Business Development for Oasis Behavioral Health. Robert manages contracting, program development, and marketing outreach. Robert brings over 15 years’ experience in behavioral health with a dual focus as a counselor and healthcare business administrator. Robert has worked and managed Outpatient Programs, Residential Recovery Programs, and Behavioral Health Hospitals with an emphasis on child and adolescent recovery, and coordination of care between multiple systems. Robert brings behavioral health policy and oversight with his experience working for the State of Arizona Department of Behavioral Health and State of Arizona’s Department of Children Services, directing the coordination of Mental Health Services for Children of Arizona.  Robert works closely with our community partners to ensure Oasis Behavioral Health programs are patient-centered focus and assist those on their journey to recovery. Robert is passionate about developing effective evidence-based programs to suit the treatment needs of Arizona’s most vulnerable populations.

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