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12-Step Support Near Chandler, AZ

One of the most utilized support methods, the 12-Step approach has served as a priceless tool for countless individuals throughout the world to defeat substance abuse. These Steps are solidly rooted in basic ideals, including a strong focus on community. Going it alone on the road to recovery can be extremely challenging, however, it has been proven that participation in 12-Step meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) can help individuals maintain the skills needed to live in sobriety for a lifetime.

Local Resources

It is common for those who complete treatment for a substance abuse problem (whether through inpatient or outpatient treatment) to have an aftercare plan put in place so they can remain in recovery. Most of these plans encourage participation in 12-Step programming within one’s local community.

12-Step programs such NA and AA allow participants to share their personal experiences with substance abuse in a setting that is safe. Also, others will share their testimonies, too, allowing everyone to learn from one another and to develop coping skills designed to prevent relapse in the future.

Those living in the Chandler area have a number of different resources to choose from when it comes to 12-Step meetings. To find a meeting at a time and in a place that works for you, utilize the following links below:

For Loved Ones

Loved ones of an addict or an alcoholic are often deeply impacted on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level when their spouses, friends, siblings, parents, etc. are wrapped up in substance abuse. While a majority of focus tends to be placed on the individual who is using, it is imperative to also focus on those who are being affected by the use itself.

For loved ones of an addict, there are resources that can provide support and assistance. Al-anon and Ala-teen are two resources that are geared towards providing meetings for loved ones of users. Here, just like with AA or NA, individuals can gather together and share their experiences, bond, and obtain strength and skills from one another.

Making the Most of Meetings

Once an individual decides on meetings that will work best for him or her, it will be beneficial to work to become a part of the recovery community so that he or she can make the most of meetings. These meetings are an excellent place to meet a sponsor, who can help provide guidance while going through the steps.

Those living in Chandler, AZ, as well as those throughout the world, have been able to find peace in 12-Step meetings, and when ready, are able to be a source of support for those who are new to these meetings.

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