Telehealth at Oasis Behavioral Health

As part of the heightened preventive measures we have put in place in response to COVID-19, Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital in Chandler, Arizona, is now offering services via telephone and virtual communication platforms to ensure the safety of our patients, their family members, and our staff.

What Is Telehealth?

Learn about the benefits of telehealth

The term telehealth can refer to a variety of services that are provided via phones, computers, or other virtual communication tools. In most cases, you can take part in telehealth services without leaving your home.

The many benefits of telehealth include expanded access to care, increased flexibility, and a greater sense of comfort and safety. Since participants do not need to be in the same room, telehealth can be a valuable option for individuals who cannot travel due to mobility limitations, health concerns, or other reasons.

Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital currently offers three telehealth options:

  • Telehealth assessments: Also known as tele-assessments, virtual assessments, or video assessments, this free service can identify the type and level of care that best meets a potential patient’s unique needs.
  • Telehealth programming: This outpatient option allows individuals to take part in our intensive outpatient program (IOP) by receiving telehealth therapy.
  • Telehealth visitation: Also referred to as virtual visitation and televisitation, this service allows individuals in our inpatient program to remain in contact with their loved ones.

Whether you are receiving care at our hospital or taking part in our telehealth services, you can rest assured that we are committed to providing a superior experience that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Telehealth Assessments

Telehealth assessment process at Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital in Chandler, AZ

Each adolescent or adult who is entrusted to our care receives a thorough assessment prior to starting treatment. We now offer a telehealth assessment option, so you can complete this important step without having to travel to our hospital.

  • You can start the tele-assessment process by contacting us at your convenience. A member of our team is available to speak with you 24/7.
  • Your telehealth assessment may be conducted over the phone or through a videoconference interface. Whether you participate in a phone call or a video assessment, the content of the discussion will be the same.
  • During the telehealth assessment, the professional you speak with will ask you questions about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, your treatment history, and other related matters. If you are seeking treatment for your child, you may answer the questions on their behalf.
  • You will also be able to ask questions about the assessment process, treatment, and similar topics. Our representative will be happy to provide you with the answers you need.
  • At the end of your telehealth assessment, the professional you’ve been speaking with will make a treatment recommendation for you or your child.

If Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital can meet your needs or those of your child, you can discuss the next steps of the admissions process at the end of your telehealth assessment. If the assessment reveals that another provider may be a better fit, we will make an appropriate referral.

The tele-assessment process is provided at no charge, and you are under no obligation to enter treatment with us or with any provider who is recommended to you.

Telehealth Programming

Telehealth programming at Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital in Chandler, AZ

Treatment options at Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital include intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) for adolescents and adults. Our IOPs are designed for individuals who can benefit from structured programming but do not require round-the-clock care. Our telehealth programming service expands access to our IOPs by allowing participants to take part without having to travel to our hospital in Chandler, Arizona.

Our IOPs typically feature three hours of treatment per day, three days per week. Elements of care in our IOPs may include individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy.

Individuals who participate in IOP via our telehealth option will connect with their treatment team through a secure virtual communication service. Telehealth therapy sessions may include one-on-one meetings, family sessions, and groups. Whether you receive IOP services on-site or through our telehealth therapy option, your care will be provided by experienced and compassionate professionals who are committed to preparing you for continued success.

Telehealth Visitation

Telehealth visitation at Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital in Chandler, AZ

For individuals who need 24/7 care, we offer inpatient programming for adults and both an inpatient and residential option for adolescents. These programs eliminate the distractions of everyday life so that those who are receiving care can focus on fully engaging in their personalized treatment plan.

However, we appreciate the important role family members and close friends can play during an individual’s time in our inpatient or residential program, and our visitation policy encourages healthy interactions among loved ones when clinically appropriate.

In the past, visitation required friends or family members to travel to our behavioral health hospital in Chandler, Arizona. Now, our televisitation service allows loved ones to share their support through virtual visitation sessions.

Our telehealth visitation option connects participants via computers, laptops, smartphones, or other video-capable, network-connected devices. Televisitation participants can see one another’s faces and speak with one another as though they are in the same room. This service can be a source of great joy and motivation for the individual in treatment and for the loved ones who are visiting from afar.

To learn more about televisitation or any other telehealth services at Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital in Chandler, Arizona, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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