Professional Referrals

Oasis Behavioral Health accepts direct admissions for children, adolescents, and adults in out our acute inpatient program from a variety of referral sources located throughout the community. Additionally, we also accept referrals for our child and adolescent specific residential treatment program.

Intake Process

Our welcoming intake staff is available 24-hours a day to pre-screen direct admissions, consult with our physicians, and verify insurance benefits. All staff members at Oasis are fully able to answer any questions that you may have about the programs we offer and about the admission process so you will be able to determine if our center will best fit your patient’s needs. If you prefer you can also obtain additional information in order to present your recommendations for the referral to you patient. This way clients have the option of accessing treatment by calling our admissions department independently.

Residential Admissions Criteria

If you are going to be referring a child or adolescent for admission to our residential treatment program all clinical and medical history need to be sent to Oasis for review. After our clinicians reviews the case for our program and makes a determination regarding the appropriateness of placement in our program the referral source is contacted to either schedule an admission or inform them that their patient would do better in another treatment setting.

Inpatient Admissions Criteria

If you are referring your patient to the acute inpatient program then you need to send a packet containing all clinical and medical information for our clinicians to review. Once this is done the referral source will be notified if we are able to take the patient and when a bed is open.

Patient First Approach

If it is determined that our treatment center is appropriate for your patient, once the appropriate level of care is determined we will begin the treatment process immediately. At Oasis Behavioral Health we are here to meet your needs and those of your patients, so don’t hesitate to contact our staff with any questions or concerns. Our Admission staff does everything they can to make the referral process as smooth and easy as possible. We value all of our referral sources and understand how much you care about your patients.

Our Levels of Care
Inpatient Care

Short-Term / 24/7 Care / Reside at Hospital

Residential Care

Long-Term / Reside at Hospital

Outpatient Care

Reside at Home / Weekday Programming