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At Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of treatment for all patients that walk through our doors. Our vision is to offer support and compassionate care that empowers individuals by encouraging hope, healing and recovery. We are able to achieve our vision by remaining true to our 4 core values: Compassion, Support, Empowerment and Recovery.

Our Treatment Services

Oasis Behavioral Health is an Acute Psychiatric Hospital and Residential Treatment Center serving the inpatient needs of children, teens, and adults. Oasis offers clients stability in times of crisis so that they may move forward with the recovery process.

Our Caring, Expert Staff

Oasis staff members strive to offer hope to clients who are often suffering from depression, emotional pain, or trauma. Hope is the recognition that the future can be different and is the fuel for recovery. Oasis works with clients to define their purpose outside of addiction and mental illness and develop discharge plans that emphasize client strengths, goals, and desired purpose. At Oasis we approach each client with optimism about their future and recovery, addressing each roadblock independently and using setbacks as growth opportunities.

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