Adolescent Inpatient Treatment Program for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders in Chandler, AZ

Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital helps individuals struggling with mental health disorders & drug addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Serving the Chandler community, Oasis is the premier provider of specialized behavioral treatment programs for adolescents and adults.

Program Overview

Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital’s adolescent inpatient program is for young people ages 11-17 who are in need of acute support for crisis management and stabilization. This program combines intensive services and developmentally appropriate interventions to treat psychiatric disorders and/or chemical dependency concerns. In addition, medical detox services are available as needed, as well as specialized tracks for members of military families (TRICARE) and for victims of trafficking.

Expert Staff, Personalized Treatment

Our acute adolescent program in Chandler, AZ, serves youth who have a wide range of needs and different functional abilities, which is why our program adapts to the unique needs of each client. The multi-disciplinary treatment team composed of the psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, care coordinators, technicians, pharmacist, nutritionist, and other adjunctive therapies lends itself well to a program that relies on adaptability. Recognition of meaningful cultural traditions is a key focus for any client requesting such and/or if deemed beneficial to treatment.

Substance abuse and psychiatric problems often occur together, and our treatment team works to ensure that assessments, counseling, activities, treatment, and transition planning are approached accordingly. The adolescent program is staffed with professionals that specialize in co-occurring disorders and offers special components built into the program schedule. Group, activity, education, individual, and family sessions are provided with a focus on treating both conditions simultaneously. Medication assessment and management, including prescribing, administering, and monitoring are provided under the direction of the attending psychiatrist or designated practitioner.

Throughout the course of treatment, the client’s recovery is greatly encouraged by the staff who provide a positive and encouraging environment instilling within the adolescent and their family a sense of hope, purpose, and optimism.

Our Levels of Care
Inpatient Care

Short-Term / 24/7 Care / Reside at Hospital

Residential Care

Long-Term / Reside at Hospital

Outpatient Care

Reside at Home / Weekday Programming