Why Choose Us

Founded on an ambition to help individuals overcome the powerful grasp of mental health or addiction concerns, Oasis Behavioral Health has been able to positively impact the lives of countless individuals since first opening its doors in 2014.

Whether you are suffering from an alcohol or illicit substance abuse problem, co-occurring mental health condition like depression, or a behavioral health concern that is disrupting your ability to live a healthy life, Oasis is where the possibilities of tomorrow are limitless and all who come for care are empowered to believe in themselves.

Exceptional, Value-Driven Treatment

At Oasis, we deliver treatment that is based on our four core values. The concepts of recovery, empowerment, support, and compassion are interwoven into our top notch programming, and we believe that by implementing a value system into our services, we are more effective in being able to help those who come for care. We also ensure that when you choose Oasis for treatment, whether for yourself or a loved one, only the most evidence-based approaches are utilized and that each person is given the attention needed to defeat what led to seeking care.

Several Effective Levels of Care Available

Since treating our first patient decades ago, we have expanded both the scope of the services we offer and the number of locations in which we can care for those in the community. Depending upon your or your loved one’s needs, we supply inpatient treatment for adolescents and adults, residential care for adolescents, and therapeutic day treatment that includes schooling, outpatient services, and suicide prevention programming to community members. When indicated as appropriate for a person during our streamlined admissions process, our staff goes above and beyond to do what they can to help new patients get on the path of recovery.

Therapeutic Support for All Ages

In choosing to come to Oasis Behavioral Health, patients are afforded optimal support during and after their time in treatment is complete. Our staff of highly trained addiction and mental health professionals work closely with those in our care with the goal of helping adolescents, women, and men tap into their inner strength and build upon the skills they already have in place. Additionally, the methods of treatment that we utilize have been specifically chosen to help patients not only reach their treatment goals but exceed them in ways they likely never thought possible. Unlike other treatment centers, we offer recreational therapy, which includes yoga, art expression, team sports, and aquatic recreation to name a few, so that during your time with us, you can experience healing on a far deeper level.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about the services available at Oasis Behavioral Health or to learn other reasons why you or your loved one should choose our center for care, do not hesitate to contact our admissions team today. We are prepared to answer any questions that you may have and can advise you on the next step to take towards living the healthier life you both desire and deserve.

Our Levels of Care
Inpatient Care

Short-Term / 24/7 Care / Reside at Hospital

Residential Care

Long-Term / Reside at Hospital

Outpatient Care

Reside at Home / Weekday Programming